29 December 2016

EUR/USD - Sell 1.0437, Close 1.0424

Hello my friends,
28th of December was a good day, when when EUR/USD gave good profits for New Year's Eve :D
The trade is bellow. All the signs were perfect.
Regression Chan was surged. The 2 main MAs were crossed, MACD turned down and I always enter on the third bar. RSI, %R and their MAs were great. 
Perfect trade at the perfect moment. 10.00AM GMT.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

06 December 2016

Saint Nicholas and trade of the day GBP/USD

Hi guys,

Today was a great day. In my country the day of 6th of December belongs to Saint Nicholas (Sfantul Nicolae) so I had some time and catch-up with forex pairs.

I applied my template with my strategy' indicators and started to look for signals.

First one appeared from GBP/USD since yesterday (little volatility) and I kept an eye on it.

And here are today's trade details:

Regression Channel gave the trend line.
Fibonacci from yesterday's low and today's high gave the power levels needed to be broken.
The pair broke the channel, but the MACD was still positive. And bounced back from Fib 38.2.
After another hour it broke the Fib 38.2 and closed bellow. MACD turned negative. Good sign.
RSI and MA in good position, bellow 50 line.
I entered SHORT on the 3rd MACD negative at 1.2709.
I knew it's a Perfect Setup so I targeted 20pips.
After half hour profit was taken, position closed. Good day for profit.

Here is the image of the trade:

So I guess Saint Nicholas brought luck along with fruits and some clothes :D

Thanks for visiting and Happy trading!


04 December 2016

8 years ago

Hello my friends,

8 years ago I started this blog and strategy. After few tests it seems is still working. So I'll just have fun this December and make some virtual money and spread some happiness in Forex community.

Thank you for your support and messages across forums and see you on Monday.

You can check the link bellow for the whole story and progress since 2008:


Happy trading!