23 May 2008

CAD/JPY - SELL @ 105.42 w/ 1 lot / 10 pips profit

Hello my friends,

Today was a great day for trading. Either if you traded CAD/JPY or GBP/JPY was a great day.

Here is the trade for today:

So, what do we have here ? It's called CAD/JPY. The pair that helped me discover this strategy.
Here is the trade:
3.00 GMT: Price breaks the Regression Channel
6.00 GMT: The 2 EMAs cross and same time break the TL
7.30: MACD turns down, W%R stays above -80 level
Perfect Setup !
Entry: SELL @ 105.42 w/ 1 lot
Spread: 2 pips
SL: 105.42 + 10 pips + 2 spread = 105.54
Target: Reached in 10 minutes
Success !

Profit: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10 per pip = $100

That's all for today.

Happy PIPpin' !

21 May 2008

USD/JPY - BUY @ 103.41 - Movie and Analysis

Hello my friends,

I'm back again after a bad period for trading. I was out and I didn't trade. Way too many oscillations and no good setups.

Here is the trade that I took few minutes ago and I got out flat even if I knew it would reach the target. I don't want to stay too much in the market waiting for profit. Many will tell that if I would have wait 1-2 more minutes I would have got the profit. Yes, true, but sometimes 1-2 minute can be fatal for your account si I rather get out and try another time.

And yes, the last week was weak, very weak. The market is slow and the movements chaotic. I am looking at GBP/USD in H4 and Daily that that's the disrespect that "big guys" show to traders. Those movements show us that They Don't Care about you or anybody. Those movements eat your life if you don't stay out.

Here is the movie I recorded for everyone:


Thanks and Happy PIPpin' !