11 April 2008

USD/JPY - SELL @ 101.13 - 1 lot x 10 pips PROFIT

Hello again my friends,

Today was another great day in Forex. Today's hero: USD/JPY.

Here is the chart:

Also the video of the trade:

I moved the RegChan because I was searching for a better channel.

2 EMAs crossed after the big drop 12.00 GMT
MACD turned down also at 12.00 GMT
And after 1 hour we got a retrace W%R confirmed at 13.00 GMT

13.00 GMT: SELL @ 101.13 with 1 lot
SL: 101.14 + 10 pips = 101.24 (never reached)
Target reached in 3 minutes: 101.03

Profit: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10/pip = $100

That was all for today. It was a weak week.

Happy PIPin' and relaxing weekend :)

10 April 2008

GBP/USD @ 1.9744 SELL + 10 pips x 2 lots Profit

GBP/USD was today's best trade. Great move.

I moved the RegChan today for GBP/USD and as you can see the TL was there, near the RegChan. Pretty nice, ha ?

2 EMAs crossed
Price broke the RegChan and TL at 16.00 GMT (with the same candle - pretty strong signal)
MACD turned down at 16.30 GMT
W%R retraced at 17.00 GMT

17.00GMT: SELL @ 1.9744 with 2 lots
Time of trade: 3-5 minutes
SL: "nevermind" price hit the TL and closed bellow so that was clear for the next move - direction DOWN
Target: 1.9734

Profit: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10/pip = $200

Happy PIPpin' !

08 April 2008

EUR/USD @ 1.5715 SELL + 10 pips profit in 5 minutes

Hello my friends,

After almost a week of "holiday" I'm back with today's trade. It was a little risky but 1 lot worth it :)

Here is the chart:

11.30 GMT price broke the mini-TrendLine and the RegChan. (I attached a detailed picture to see the trend line), but MACD was still positive.

12.00 GMT price turned the MACD to negative and also made a little retrace and the risky part was that W%R wasn't clear above -80, was at -80.51 and that meant I broke my rules to enter a trade.

I am aware that when I broke my rules I might end losing that trade and the possibility to lose is HUGE, but that's part of the game and fun :) Now I was lucky, next time I better be more careful because we expect volatile times :D

12.00GMT Entry: SELL @ 1.5715 with 1 lot
Target: 1.5705
Stop Loss: 1.5735 (maybe that why I entered, because price closed UNDER the RegChan and I was almost sure that price will move at least 10 pips in that direction for at least 10-15 minutes)
Time of trade: 5 minutes or less

Profit: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10/pip = $100

Well, that was all for today, I'm out for fitness hour.

Happy PIPpin' !