03 September 2008

USD/JPY Sell 1 lot @ 108.61 + 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

Today's trade was a risky one but profitable. Hero is USD/JPY and here is the chart:

I took a little risk because MACD wasn't clearly turned down and I trusted W%R with that small retrace so I didn't enter with 2 lots to minimize loss (just in case).

SELL 1 lot @ 108.61
Time of trade: 20-25 min
Exit @ 108.51
Spread was 1 pip

Profit for today: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10 per pip = $100

That was all for today. I don't think other pairs will give any signals until 4-6GMT so see you next time.

Happy PIPpin' !

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