30 September 2008

Someone loves America

Hello my friends,

Just want to send all of you a short notices on what's happening in America:
- stay away from trading in the next 12-24 hours
- don't believe what you hear on News channels, everything is bullshit and they want people to move money to Lose money.
- if you want to trade wait for important economic news and trade after 1 hour after that
- and the last one, as my title says "Someone loves America" refers to the fact that the Congress didn't approve the Bailout plan. That plan was Evil and wanted to drag America and Americans to the worst they ever seen in centuries. So, I think Americans should love their Congress for their decision to reconsider the plan and rethink it.

I am not a filo-American guy, but in this case I must admit that some Things work in America and they are indeed Blessed with such people UP There.

Happy PIPpin' !

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