29 September 2008

Dukascopy (Suisse)

Hello again my friends,
Last week I made a decision regarding my future in Forex and I closed any accounts with American forex brokers and I moved to Dukascopy. Why ? Because it's one of the best, stable and reliable broker in the world. They have a good customer support, very good spreads and excellent execution of orders. My last broker, HotspotFx was a good one but in half year EUR/USD moved from 0-1 spread to 2-3. That's not good for a ECN as they assume to be. Another broker that I left behind is FxSol as they hit 5 pips spread on EUR/USD and that's again BAD.

Finally after long research I choosed Dukascopy and they won a good trader with lots of money :D

I will let you know what's my second broker for funds diversity ;)

Thanks for your time and happy pippin' !


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