03 July 2008

USD/CAD long time no see - Profit day

Hello my friends,

Today was a great day. I had to run after I placed the trade and I didn't have time to update the threads and website with new profit and images of the trade.

So bellow you will find the first picture of the entry moment and second the complete trade:

Almost perfect setup. Why "almost" ? Because the TL was missing and that gave me some bad feelings. usually when a TL is not present there is more uncertainty and if you look now at USD/CAD the market turned the price down and now we can think that at that point with yesterday's high will form a TL for tomorrow or later today.

Entry: 9.00AM GMT: BUY 2 lots @ 1.0146
Time of trade: Aprox 15-20 minutes
Target hit: 1.0156

Profit for today:
10 pips x 2 lots x $10 per pip = $200

Great day

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