05 June 2008

CAD/JPY - BUY @ 103.66 w/ 2 lots / 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

I took a risk and broke one of my own rules about not trading before 6GMT :D I recovered what I missed this week. Here is the trade I took minutes ago:

00.30GMT: 2 EMAs crossed
1.00GMT: Price broken the RegChan and TL closing above
2.00GMT: Price makes MACD turn UP, and retraces receiving confirmation from W%R going bellow -20 level.
Perfect Setup ! (I was here, too tempting :p )

BUY 2 lots @ 103.66
SL: 103.63 - 10 pips - 3 spread = 103.50 (never reached)
Time of trade: 15 minutes
Target reached: 103.76

Profit: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10 per pip = $200

That's all for today, I don't have to think about other trades till tomorrow. Or maybe I will trade if a perfect setup will show up.

Happy PIPpin' !

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