29 May 2008

EUR/USD - Sell @ 163.62 / 10 pips profit

Hello my friends,

Today was another great day in Forex, because EUR/JPY did it again.

Here is the chart of the trade:

14.30GMT: Price broke the TL and RegChan. Close under them. 2 EMAs cross. MACD still up.
17.00GMT: Price turns MACD down. W%R still bellow -80. We wait for a retrace.
17.30GMT: Price retraces, W%R above -80. No resistance found at lower EMA.
Perfect setup !

Entry: SELL 1 lot @ 163.62
Target: 163.52
SL: 163.75 + 10 pips + 2 spread = 163.87 (too far to be reached at this level)
Target reached in 5 minutes.

Profit: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10 per pip = $100

I attached also the big picture of the chart to see the origin of TL and how it came to present day with RegChan. You can notice that at some level price broke again the TL and RegChan, upper direction but it hit the upper band of RegChan than dropping down again.

Happy PIPpin' !

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