27 May 2008

CAD/JPY - BUY 2 lots @ 104.58 / 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

It seems the market got some speed and here I am with a new trade for today.

CAD/JPY - base pair for my strategy gave a good signal and got me another 10 pips profit.

Here is the trade:

So, what do we have here:
5.00GMT: Early in the morning CAD/JPY made the 2 EMAs to cross and more it broke the white TL.
6.00GMT: Price turns the MACD up and closes above the RegChan, BUT the W%R is way above the -20 level, so we wait for a retrace
6.30GMT: Retrace happens, W%R confirms and didn't cross RSI, MACD still up and more price closes above the RegChan (that's good, because RegChan acted as a Support)
Good Setup !

BUY 2 lots @ 104.58
Target: 104.68
SL: Too Far to bother place it, because at this point price don't have the power to move bellow the RegChan, it need at least one pullUP in order to fall so the entry was perfect.
Time of trade: 10 minutes

Profit for today: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10 per pip = $200

Comment: Why didn't I place a Stop Loss ? Because the market, as a living entity built on fundamental rules of gravity, needs to gain some altitude in order to fall and at this level (small) we can play with movements and get our 10 pips per day without headaches. And more, the price found support at RegChan upper band. As you can see, the candle that ended after our 10 pips profit it's a remarkable reversal one.

Happy PIPpin' !

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