01 April 2008

Tutorial: How to respect the strategy and keep your SL

Hello my friends,

It was a terrible start of the week the the main pairs ranging all day.
So, what I am about to show you today is a part of my strategy and why I respect it so much and Why is important to respect any strategy.

You will see bellow a mini-movie I captured today specially for this Tutorial because I want to point out the importance of Williams %R crossing RSI at a possible signal moment:

So, as I stated before I don't trust the market when W%R crosses RSI. Why ? Because it shows changes in minitrends.

So if I were a greedy trader I would enter in LIVE account when W%R retraced and crossed RSI(because all other signals were good: macd, crossing of 2 ema, price above ema) but I respected the rules of my strategy and I'm just happy because in DEMO, in the video above someone would have lost $520 USD. I'm happy that I saved my money and now I expect more signals.

REMEMBER: Always respect your strategy, keep your Stop Loss INTACT, don't move it lower or higher hoping for a better trade, don't waste your money with false thoughts and emotions, keep steady and strong on your principles.

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