10 April 2008

GBP/USD @ 1.9744 SELL + 10 pips x 2 lots Profit

GBP/USD was today's best trade. Great move.

I moved the RegChan today for GBP/USD and as you can see the TL was there, near the RegChan. Pretty nice, ha ?

2 EMAs crossed
Price broke the RegChan and TL at 16.00 GMT (with the same candle - pretty strong signal)
MACD turned down at 16.30 GMT
W%R retraced at 17.00 GMT

17.00GMT: SELL @ 1.9744 with 2 lots
Time of trade: 3-5 minutes
SL: "nevermind" price hit the TL and closed bellow so that was clear for the next move - direction DOWN
Target: 1.9734

Profit: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10/pip = $200

Happy PIPpin' !

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