02 April 2008

EUR/USD 10 pips profit x 2 lots / Another great day

Hello my friends,

Today was a great day as I expected. EUR, GBP and USD made beautiful moves. So here is the chart for today's trade (EUR/USD):

Regression Channel was broker early in the morning at 00.00 GMT
2 EMAs crossed at 8.00 GMT
MACD turned up at 9.30 GMT
At the 4th MACD bar W%R hardly retraced to -20.23 level so that was good
Price aboce 2 EMAs

11.00 GMT: BUY @ 1.5641 with 2 lots
Target: 1.5651
Time of trade: 3 minutes :D
Profit for today: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10/pip = $200 USD

GBP/USD gave a early signal at 7.00 GMT when it broke the RegChan but when price retraced it closed again IN the RegChan so I prefer to forget about it and look for other opportunities on other pairs (like EUR/USD :D )

That was all for today.

Happy PIPpin' !

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