14 March 2008

Excellent EUR/USD and GBP/USD trades + 20 pips profit

Hello my friends,

Yesterday was a Divergence day (for EU and GU) so I was out because I don't trade divergences during these times :)

So, as I said yesterday, here, someone got friend yesterday because of those divergences and and you see the price didn't go down as it should and from there many people lost many pips :)

But today, was a extraordinary day because both EUR/USD and GBP/USD gave at the same hour in the same time signal to enter Short. Here are the trades:


What do we have here ?
EUR/USD and GBP/USD charts, all indicators on our side, the entries were:

EUR/USD SELL @ 1.5585
Time of trade to reach target: max 10 minutes
Exit @ 1.5585
Profit: 10 pips x $10/pip = $100

GBP/USD SELL @ 2.0295
Time of trade to reach target: max 15 minutes
Exit @ 2.0295
Profit: 10 pips x $10/pip= $200

So I recover the lost day of yesterday.

Why did I enter on 2 pairs and not with 2 lots ?
Because there was a higher chance to wait more after only one pair than on both and this way if a pair goes against me I have the other pair as support and cover loss.

Anyway, as you can notice, my strategy gives signals for trades that last max 10-15 minutes, so stress is minimum :)

Thank you and see you soon.

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