10 March 2008

EUR/USD @ 1.5363 SELL + 10 pips profit in 5 minutes

Hello my friends,

Today was a beautiful trading day. We had a great signal and a great profit

Here is the trade for today:

So, first signal was given by the 2 EMAs, crossing at 8.00AM GMT, then MACD turned down at the 2nd bar, price made a little retrace, %R indicator warned us about that so that was the perfect entry for out 10 pips/day.

Entry: 11.30AM GMT @ 1.5363 with 1 lot
Target: 1.5353
Time of trade: max 5 minutes
Profit: 10 pips x 10 USD/pip = $100 USD

I got the movement live and you can see it on my website or searching Youtube for "pipologist", the movie name is: EU-10-03-2008

This is all for today, I'm on my way to fitness, a healthy body has a healthy mind :D

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