26 February 2008

USD/JPY @ 107.85 SELL + 10 Min Profit

Hello everyone,

I'm back with today's trade:

Here it is:

Signal triggered first by crossing EMAs, breaking the trendline and then MACD and finally %R. All confirmed, that was a 100% sure trade. This is what I want people to understand, perfect setups happen everyday, you must be present when they happen and that's all, the market does the rest. If you feel 10 pips target gives you some kind of fear, no problem enter for 5 pips target with 2 lots, it's the same thing ;)

Usually when setups like this happen I enter with 8-10 lots (that means 1 pip = $100) and I'm in for 10 pips or less. No rush, just sure profit.

Another 10 pips profit for today, that means another $100. And I was among first ones who cashed in :D Trading hour was good. That was all for today, I let other traders to take the rest of the cake. I can go out now and have a tea :)

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