25 February 2008

GBP/USD @ 1.9658 Sell

Hello everyone,
I would like to share with you a signal from today, because this is one of the perfect signals (and it's not unique, relax).

At 2.30AM GMT MACD turns down and that's a good signal that the intraday trend is trying to change. The 2 EMAs crossed earlier to we were great. There is a trendline that needs to be broken in order to open a position so @ 4.00AM GTM the trendline was broken but was not enough because %R was not above the -80 level but surprise at the close of next candle at 5.00AM GMT %R was above the -80 level, candles were still under tne 2 EMAs, MACD down to confirm the trend so there was a perfect opportunity to place a SELL order at the close of 30M candle @ 1.9658. One thing to keep in mind, pairs involving European currencies are very tricky so early in the morning so to be cautious this position should be open for 5 pips profit (with 2 lots) not for 10 because it's a risk. So better collect 2 x 5 pips than waiting for 10. And in the next 30 minutes it's confirmed, our target is reached at 1.9653 (the low of the bar was 1.9650).

And this can be all for today, but better watch for more signals on other pairs :)

See the picture to understand.

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