29 December 2016

EUR/USD - Sell 1.0437, Close 1.0424

Hello my friends,
28th of December was a good day, when when EUR/USD gave good profits for New Year's Eve :D
The trade is bellow. All the signs were perfect.
Regression Chan was surged. The 2 main MAs were crossed, MACD turned down and I always enter on the third bar. RSI, %R and their MAs were great. 
Perfect trade at the perfect moment. 10.00AM GMT.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

06 December 2016

Saint Nicholas and trade of the day GBP/USD

Hi guys,

Today was a great day. In my country the day of 6th of December belongs to Saint Nicholas (Sfantul Nicolae) so I had some time and catch-up with forex pairs.

I applied my template with my strategy' indicators and started to look for signals.

First one appeared from GBP/USD since yesterday (little volatility) and I kept an eye on it.

And here are today's trade details:

Regression Channel gave the trend line.
Fibonacci from yesterday's low and today's high gave the power levels needed to be broken.
The pair broke the channel, but the MACD was still positive. And bounced back from Fib 38.2.
After another hour it broke the Fib 38.2 and closed bellow. MACD turned negative. Good sign.
RSI and MA in good position, bellow 50 line.
I entered SHORT on the 3rd MACD negative at 1.2709.
I knew it's a Perfect Setup so I targeted 20pips.
After half hour profit was taken, position closed. Good day for profit.

Here is the image of the trade:

So I guess Saint Nicholas brought luck along with fruits and some clothes :D

Thanks for visiting and Happy trading!


04 December 2016

8 years ago

Hello my friends,

8 years ago I started this blog and strategy. After few tests it seems is still working. So I'll just have fun this December and make some virtual money and spread some happiness in Forex community.

Thank you for your support and messages across forums and see you on Monday.

You can check the link bellow for the whole story and progress since 2008:


Happy trading!


26 November 2008

GBP/USD SELL @ 1.5327 + 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

I'm very busy this period because I have great plans for me and Forex in 2009.

Here is the trade for today:


All conditions were met.
SELL @ 1.5327
Time of trade: 15 minutes
Target hit @ 1.5317

Profit for today: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10 per pip = $100

There were few signals these days but I didn't have time to trade and share. Maybe some of you caught them.

See you soon.

Happy PIPpin' !

09 October 2008

EUR/USD SELL @ 1.3649 + 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

Today was a very spooky day in Forex but it came with some profit.

Trade of the day: EUR/USD

Here is the chart:

Signal @ 12.00 GMT when 2 EMAs crossed. 13.00 GMT price closed under the RegChan. 14.30 MACD turned down.

Entry @ 15.00 GMT with SELL order @ 1.3649 with only 1 lot
SL: never hit
Target hit in 10 minutes.

Profit: 10 pips x 1 lot x $10 per pip = $100

That was all for today.

Happy PIPpin' !

30 September 2008

Someone loves America

Hello my friends,

Just want to send all of you a short notices on what's happening in America:
- stay away from trading in the next 12-24 hours
- don't believe what you hear on News channels, everything is bullshit and they want people to move money to Lose money.
- if you want to trade wait for important economic news and trade after 1 hour after that
- and the last one, as my title says "Someone loves America" refers to the fact that the Congress didn't approve the Bailout plan. That plan was Evil and wanted to drag America and Americans to the worst they ever seen in centuries. So, I think Americans should love their Congress for their decision to reconsider the plan and rethink it.

I am not a filo-American guy, but in this case I must admit that some Things work in America and they are indeed Blessed with such people UP There.

Happy PIPpin' !

29 September 2008

Dukascopy (Suisse)

Hello again my friends,
Last week I made a decision regarding my future in Forex and I closed any accounts with American forex brokers and I moved to Dukascopy. Why ? Because it's one of the best, stable and reliable broker in the world. They have a good customer support, very good spreads and excellent execution of orders. My last broker, HotspotFx was a good one but in half year EUR/USD moved from 0-1 spread to 2-3. That's not good for a ECN as they assume to be. Another broker that I left behind is FxSol as they hit 5 pips spread on EUR/USD and that's again BAD.

Finally after long research I choosed Dukascopy and they won a good trader with lots of money :D

I will let you know what's my second broker for funds diversity ;)

Thanks for your time and happy pippin' !


25 September 2008

GBP/USD SELL @ 1.8471 + 10 pips profit

Hello again my friends,

It seems markets started to move a little since Buffet bought $5Bn of shares on Wall Street so I must thank him for this because we had another great trade today.

Here is the chart:

We are talking about GBP/USD, the pair that gives most of signals and profit on my strategy.

Entry: SELL only 1 lot @ 1.8471
Stop Loss: Didn't have time to set it
Target HIT in less than 5 minutes.

Profit: 1 lot x 10 pips x $10 per pip = $100

Why I entered with only 1 lot ? Because there was no TL broken. I wanted to be careful and I was right. Break of RegChan and a 38.2% Fibonacci (draw in Daily) level.

GBP/USD ranged in the past days, but today that situation ended fast. Let's hope more signals will follow next week.

Tomorrow is Friday so be careful, it will be very tricky.

Happy PIPpin' !

18 September 2008

Ranging Market - Dangerous Times

Hello my friends,

I just want to leave a short line because I have to leave again and tell you that I didn't abandoned the project "10 pips per day", but at this moment market is ranging big time and I rather prefer to stay out or wait a perfect setup than lose money. Until now I didn't see a perfect setup so I hope to see you soon with more pips added to daily profit.

Currently I'm developing a M5 strategy based on a Perfect Candle setup :D and hope to share it with you soon because it already gives good signals and brings daily profit.

Happy PIPpin' !

04 September 2008

GBP/USD BUY 2 lots @ 1.7817 + 10 pips profit

Hello my friends,

GBP/USD did it again. Here's the chart:

Perfect setup.
Entry: BUY 2 lots @ 1.7817
Time of trade: 5 mins
Target hit: 1.7827

Profit for today: 10 pips x 2 lots x $10 per pip = $200

That's all, now I'm going back to sleep :D

Happy PIPpin' !